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  • All Recruits must be lvl 20 or higher

  • All Recruits must be sponsored by a member of the guild. It is the members responsibility to have grouped with or talked with the recruit enough to have some familiarity with them.

  • Members may only sponsor two recruits per month.

  • All Recruits will be accepted with a 30 day trial membership after which officers will vote on granting full membership to the guild.

  • It is the sponsoring members responsibility to post on the bulletin board the recruits name, who is sponsoring them, and the date they were invited. Also they must inform the recruit that they have one week to become familiar with these rules and regulations and to post a introduction message and listing all of their alts whether to be added to the guild or not.

  • Recruits may not organize events and raids or invite new recruits into the guild until their 30 day trial period is up.


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Last modified: 11/17/03