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  • Looting is done on a Alphabetic rotation basis, unless otherwise agreed upon by ALL members of the group.

  • A Random roll will be performed by the Group Leader to determine the "seed" for the actual loot roll. Usually this will be done by using a "/rand 100 to 200" roll to get a number between 100 and 200.

  • All members of the group are to use the resulting "seed" number as a basis for their loot roll. This method generates a true random number and will result in better loot distribution.

  • If you already have or are not interested in the loot, please pass on the roll to give the other group members a better chance of winning the roll.

  • These rules can be superceded by the group ONLY if ALL MEMBERS agree.

Copyright 2003 The Secret Order of the Phoenix Guild on the Rathe Server
Last modified: 11/17/03