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  • Ports will be available 1 Hour before the raid begins. Ports will be made from the designated areas only. It is the members responsibility to make it to these areas.

    Faydwer..........Butcher Block Druid Rings
    Antonica....North Karana, West Commons and Toxxulia Druid Rings.
    Kunark...... Dreadlands (Combines) Druid Rings
    Velious..... Dragon Ring in Iceclad and Great Divide Druid Ring
    Luclin.....Nexus only

  • All Ports will end 15 mins before the raid begins.

  • Everyone must be at the raid 15 minutes before it begins. Name, Class and Level will be sent to the raid leader in charge. Groups will be assigned. You may not refuse to join or invite someone into your group. After receiving a group assignment and joining you will wait at the zone until the raid leader gives permission to enter. Groups may be given an assigned area to fight. Looting rules are listed below

  • A channel will be made for each raid by the leader. The channel is joined by typing "/join <channel name>.  To speak over the channel you will type "/1 <message>". This channel is to be used for raid info only....please DO Not use it to chat with friends....

  • A Scheduled raid will be led by the raid leader and those appointed by him/her to designated positions( this may be your group leader). You are expected to follow the raid leaders directions quickly and without question. If you see a major flaw with directions, bring it to their attention via direct tell. The raid leader and whomever they designate are the only ones to call moves. If you have not been instructed to move by one of these people, do not. Do not wander once you are in camp, stay as close together as possible to reduce aggro.

  • There will be a person assigned to pull by the group leader. Everyone is to have an assist button ready and will keep the puller targeted. This will give the enchanters a chance to Mesmerize whenever possible

  • Any disciplinary actions warranted during a raid will be handled by an officer. If there is a problem it may result in not being allowed to attend future raids until the guild leader gives permission

  • Rezzes will be done as quickly as possible. If you need a rez announce it over the raid channel with the location of your corpse, if necessary our corpse retrieval will pull your corpse to a safe area. Please remember there are others who may need rezzes or we may still be fighting so be patient.  Clerics will get to you as soon as they can



    • We will be following the "Need before Greed" Policy. This means simply that Items may be rolled for only by those who can use them. If you already have better armor in your possession, please pass on the roll and let it go to someone who needs it

    • A Random roll  will be used

    • If you win a raid item and later replace it, please donate it to the guild or pass it on to another guild member

    • An item won during a raid on a need basis must be used by the person it is given to, not sold for a profit. It is considered bad form to lotto for and win in a need based lotto for the purpose of resale. Anyone found doing so, may be reprimanded at the discretion of the Officers, or if an Officer, by the guild Leader.


    • A Group leader will be designated. It is their responsibility to announce any roll able items in the Channel.

    • Minor items such as cloth armor, leather armor, rusty weapons etc. will be kept within the group looting. Items that can be used by a specific class such as runes, pages, tomes will be given to those who can use them.


    • You may not roll for an alt that is not present at the raid


    • A Random roll will be made ASAP for those who can equip the item


    • A Random roll will be made for those who can use it. If no one is able to use the item then all members may roll for it.


    • A Random roll for those who may use it


    • If an item for Epic quest or class specific quest drops in the area we are raiding, Please let raid leaders know ahead of time


    • Groups will be mixed with members from both guilds. The same looting rules apply for everyone, regardless of which guild they belong to WITH THE EXCEPTION of epic quest items which will be held for our guild members only, if we have no one who needs it, other guilds members will be welcome to the item.

  • Copyright 2003 The Secret Order of the Phoenix Guild on the Rathe Server
    Last modified: 11/17/03