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  • All Recruits are required to attend at least 1 guild event during their trial period.

  • There is to be no gratuitous use of foul language on guild talk or in group talk during raids. We are a rowdy bunch, so if foul language offends, please use the "/filter badword" command to mask offensive language.

  • There is to be no Harassment of officers/members for Buffs, Teleports or rezzes. ( it is ok to ask if anyone can help out, but repetitive tells or consistently asking someone as soon as they log on is considered harassment)

  • There is to be no begging of guild members for items or money.

  • All of the above rules will be taken into consideration by the officers when it is time to vote on membership.

  • Note: Any member having a problem with a recruit should bring it to an officers attention.

Copyright 2003 The Secret Order of the Phoenix Guild on the Rathe Server
Last modified: 11/17/03